Canada’s Veterans are planning on going to Ottawa on June 4th to protest the total breach of trust that this government has shown towards us and the disregard of the sacred oath that has been in place since World War I.

We also plan to enlighten the public on the amount of misinformation that this government is putting out with documented proof.

By doing so we will be showing this government that we are no longer going to just stand by and take the continued mistreatment of our rights.

You don’t have to be a Vet, or have anything to do with the military, to show your support. Actually, the more civilians the better.

This will not be just a one-day event, as we plan on staying as long as it takes.

Pat Stogran:

Col (Ret) Pat Stogran served in the Canadian Armed Forces with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) and led Canada’s first battle group into Afghanistan. Following retirement, he was appointed as Canada’s first Veterans Ombudsman on October 15, 2007. He is a staunch veterans’ advocate.

Kenneth H. Young, CD:

Kenneth H. Young is a veteran of CAF, The Royal Canadian Regiment, and a chemical defoliant survivor from the Canadian use of chemical agents at CFB Gagetown. He is a founding member of many advocacy groups, including the Agent Orange Association of Canada, V.E.T.S, and Canadian Veterans Advocacy.

Mike Blais:

Mike Blais served in the CAF from 1977 to 1993, mostly in The Royal Canadian Regiment. In Aug., 2010, he became a veterans’ advocate after watching a press conference given by Col Pat Stogran which convinced him that he had a duty to stand up for all veterans so they can get the care and support they deserve.

David MacLeod:

During David’s 27 year career (1982-2010) he served with the PPCLI and Intelligence. He completed several overseas tours including Afghanistan. He has also served with V.E.T.S. Canada, and Equitas Society, and writes the Veteran Watch blog at:

Sean Bruyea:

Captain (Ret) Sean Bruyea is one of Canada’s leading veterans’ advocates, and one of the few to speak out about the shortcomings of the New Veterans Charter. He served in the RCAF for 14 years and was deployed to Quatar during the first Gulf War. He was instrumental in the creation of a Veterans Ombudsman for Canada.

Eric Rebiere:

Eric’s goal is to create as much awareness as possible about the huge problem of PTSD within the RCMP and the resulting preventable suicides that have and continue to occur. He is both a military and RCMP veteran and disabled veteran. He is actively promoting disabled veterans rights for personnel who served with the RCMP on UN and NATO missions.

Don Sorochan:  (EQUITAS)

Donald Sorochan is one of the senior partners of Miller Thomson Lawyers, Vancouver. His practice encompasses the areas of securities, criminal defence work, commercial and construction litigation, administrative law, and criminal prosecution for both the federal and provincial governments. Donald’s advocacy work has resulted in several landmark decisions in Canadian law.

Mark Campbell  (EQUITAS)

On June 2, 2008, Maj. Mark Campbell was severely injured by an improvised explosive device during an ambush in Afghanistan. He is one of the veterans involved with EQUITAS in the class-action lawsuit against the federal government challenging them to either revise or scrap the New Veterans Charter.

Linda Magill:

Linda Magill is a veteran, a veteran’s wife and a veteran’s advocate. Her husband, PO1 Eric Magill, retired in 1998 with a chronic physical illness contracted in Haiti and in 2013 he was diagnosed with PTSD. Linda began to chronicle their challenges with VAC on Facebook, and recently opened a website to give other veterans a forum about their struggles with VAC.

Ronald Clarke:

Ronald Clarke served in the military from 1956 to 1992. He spent ten years with the Black Watch RHR, then transferred to RCPC. Served in Cyprus, Alert, Vietnam, Namibia, and twelve years in Germany on four tours. Ronald was also a boxer and was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991.

Jenifer Migneault

Jenifer Migneault is a dedicated veteran’s wife. Her husband, Sgt (Ret) Claude Rainville, was a loadmaster on the CC-130 and was diagnosed with PTSD. After years of struggling, she now fights for the recognition of caregivers. She has a Facebook page Aidant/e Naturel/le d’un Veteran Caregiver/s where she uses humour to create awareness about understanding PTSD, mostly in French.

Terry O’Hearn:

Terry O’Hearn served in the Royal Canadian Navy for three years, followed by 28 years in the Ontario Provincial Police. He is currently Public Relations Officer and Track & Field Chair for the Royal Canadian Legion, both Branch 244, Perth and Zone G6, Ontario Provincial Command.